Why the Best Time to Get Work Ready Is in the Further Education Stages

Published On October 4, 2018 | By Milan Mack | career

If you’re preparing to make a move from school into college, university or another form of further education now is the best time ever to get yourself work ready.

With many courses of further education taking young people into their early twenties, by the time they enter the workplace full time, they’re often competing against those peers who skipped this route and have now been working for around five years or so.

Though further education is hugely important, it’s never a good idea to focus on this and miss the overall bigger picture. Luckily there are many ways you can make yourself work ready while you study.

Consider Volunteering or Helping Out

Though you may not think you have time for it, there are many charities, centers, and services who would be more than happy to have occasional voluntary help.

A great way to provide assistance and also add to your CV or resume, the people you’re helping here will benefit significantly from your time and commitment.

Reading in schools, cooking or preparing meals for shelters, cleaning out animal places – it doesn’t matter at this stage if the sector you choose isn’t what you envisage yourself working in once you finish your qualifications. What matters here is experience and exposure to something other than the formal education route.

Get Started on Your CV/Resume as Soon as You Finish School

Though you may feel there is little to say at this stage, once you start your CV/resume you’ll begin to see what would go well on this vital document and you’ll more inclined to want to fill in any gaps. It’s also a good idea to get a basic one drawn up in case you do spot a part-time or temporary position and have it close to hand.

Also, if you’ve got your CV all ready to go, it’s never too early to search and read up on better interview techniques. Learn from your interview and conversation you had when gaining your volunteering position and take it from there. Get to know those companies you’re interested in and what they do. Travis Perkins believes there are four types of interviews that candidates face these days, so try working on possible scenarios of each one.

Consider Your Presence on Social Media

Undoubtedly, these days more and more companies are turning to social media to discover more about their potential candidates. This means some may make up their mind about you before you’ve even walked through the door and introduced yourself!

If you have a social media account that you really wouldn’t want a potential employer to see, then why not think about making that account private? Better still, you could open up two and keep one for personal use, albeit private, with the other as a more employer-friendly account!

The same goes for email addresses. Be careful which ones you give out to prospective employers. Keep those edgy, funky and nicknamed orientated email addresses for personal use and consider opening a new account which you use for the intentions of professional purposes, making it a decent name in the meantime!

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