Why Knowing A Second Language Is Important For Your Career?

Published On September 29, 2018 | By Milan Mack | career

Have you any plan of learning a foreign language? Do you mind getting into some unconventional zone? Well, in the global market, knowing a different language is considered as a plus point. In fact, it is a trait that is looked upon while selecting an employee.

Reasons for learning another language

Take a look at the reasons of learning a foreign language:

  • Marketability

While you are preparing your resume, you will definitely want to make yourself presentable and most appealing. So, giving a reference of knowing a second language works as your potential as an employee. Employees who are bilingual get a premium position in the marketplace. It can make you stand out of the crowd.

  • Distinguishability

You must already know that there is a huge competition for jobs in the market. So, it is high time that you find out some distinguishing factors about yourself so that you can claim yourself to be different from other candidates. If you are giving an interview with t 10 other candidates and all of you have the similar qualifications, it is your knowledge of foreign language that will make way for you.

  • Relationship building

When you are fluent in speaking another language, it automatically takes you to a different level altogether. This skill enables you to connect with people of various groups and cultures. This is sure to melt ice between you and the person of a different background. He or she will be easier with you.

And, developing a good relation is the crux of any kind of business. Be it the marketing or the advertising or any other mode of communication, your target is to reach out to the people at large. For this, if you can speak in their native language, you get more room in their minds.

  • Appeal to Global Companies

If you are keen at working in an international company, you ought to know a foreign language. All companies want to broaden their scope and reach out to the people globally. For that reason, if you are well acquainted with some of the foreign language, you can work for your company at different places at ease. The fluency in the language will give you the opportunity to present yourself in the global market.

Again, if you are a traveler, you won’t need a guide to travel to different places. You can manage yourself. Let language not be a barrier in between you and some important aspects of your life.

  • Improvement of other crucial business skills

Research proves that knowing a foreign language gives you a better workplace. Further, it says that people who have knowledge of second language are said to be more creative. Also, it is believed that people knowing a foreign language have an ability to solve complex problems in a better way. Multilingual or bilingual people are confident in their work. In a nutshell, they are a multi-tasker.

So, if you have fluency in more than one language, make it a point to mention it in your resume.

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