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Published On September 5, 2018 | By Milan Mack | Job

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to transport and storage solutions. There are entire markets for specialised and standard cases that suit everyone’s needs, but with such a range available, it can be difficult to make a decision – which case is the best one for you? Which will do the job and still be cost effective?

Aluminium cases are the transport and storage solution that you’re looking for. Aluminium cases are the result of years of research that have all come together to create a lightweight yet durable, strong protective case. Aluminium is around a third the weight of steel, but it’s still strong enough to keep up with steel storage solutions.

What an aluminium case is suitable for

With an aluminium case, you’ll have the benefit of a case that can store sensitive equipment; including electronics, sports gear, tools, supplies, and even hazardous materials. Aluminium cases are the preferred choice of sports teams, fishermen, and researchers who spend a lot of time out in the field on expeditions.

If you’re someone who travels a fair bit for research or your job, you’ll quickly see how beneficial an aluminium case would be to your expedition gear. Expeditions often require a large amount of equipment, which is often delicate. Expedition teams typically carry large amounts of supplies, so a lightweight case that you can customise with inserts to keep everything safe is the best solution.

Aluminium cases are great for transporting and storing hazardous materials, too. The best way to know whether or not a company is making aluminium cases that are up to the task, is to check that they have a UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods. This will tell you if a case can handle the substances you need to transport.

Aluminium cases can also used as a storage and transport solutions for several other activities, but they are particular popular with sports teams, both amateur and professional. Not only can they keep all equipment safe, secure, and undamaged, aluminium cases are made to be perfect for all types of weather. They’re water-resistant, and have a wide temperature range, which makes them great for hot and cold climates.

The best storage solution for you

The market for aluminium cases is well-known for offering customisable cases because aluminium is such an adaptable material.

With a smaller aluminium case, you’ll have the option of adding in specialised foam inserts for smaller, more fragile items, that might need a bit of extra care when being transported. In the case of transporting larger items or several items at a time, you could consider an aluminium chest that can have added dividers as well as foam inserts to keep your equipment safe and neatly separated.

Aluminium cases are truly one of the best storage and transport solutions available. Not only can they protect your items against a range of elements and temperatures, they can be customised to meet even more of your needs.

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