Three Tips for Acing IT Examinations

Published On November 29, 2018 | By Milan Mack | Education

It is a situation that almost everyone who works in IT has experienced at least one or two times in their career. You are applying for a new position or a promotion at your company, but you realize that you must pass a certification test to qualify. The only problem is that you have just a couple weeks before you must take and pass the test!

Here are three tips that will help you ace IT exams, even at the last minute.

  1. Assess the Test Materials

The first step is to assess the materials that are being tested on exam day. The good news is that you can usually go to the vendor website and they will have all the information about the topics that are coming on the test.

Take a day or two, read up on these topics and see if they are familiar to you. If you already work in IT, there is a chance you have come across these concepts in your work. That will make it easier for you to manage those sections on the test.

  1. Leverage Old Tests

One of the best things about sitting for IT certification tests is that you can rely on other people to post up the questions from the exams they took. And since there are exam dump sites such as ITExams that collect and verify these exam dumps, you can use those sites to access questions.

Say you are preparing for the MB2-716 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration exam. It is a tough exam, where you will be tested to your very limit. The MB2-716 is necessary for developers, implementation consultants and other tech support workers who need a certification in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

By leveraging the test questions you find on a site like ITExams, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses, see if you can answer a lot of questions quickly, and discover the way questions are worded on the test.

  1. Focus on Weaknesses

Now that you have gone over the materials being tested and taken a lot of practice questions, you are ready to focus on your weak areas.

When you only have a couple weeks before the day of your test, it is not enough time to keep re-reading sections that you are comfortable with. Those are sections you understand. You will get most of those questions correct. The key is to spend time ironing out your weak areas, which you should have been able to identify through the past test questions you took.

About a week should be spent on the weak areas. Whether it means reading different sources of information, looking up YouTube videos, or trying to access software through a work computer and test it out, you will be able to improve on those weak areas.

Now you are in a position where you can ace any technical IT examination, such as the MB2-716. Even if you only have two weeks to prepare, it can be done.

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