Think Big by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz – Making a Career from Your Ideas

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Have you ever had an idea that you thought could really make an impact commercially and change the world around you? This can happen to anyone, at any age, and it’s how you embrace the idea that is important. The truth is that you can make a career from ideas but it’s not always an easy ride.

The new book, “Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea”, by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz shows the value of entrepreneurship and how it can lead to success, not just from a monetary point of view but by providing a sense of satisfaction in making a difference.

Who is Dr h.c Harald Seiz?

Dr Seiz is well qualified to speak about the skills of an entrepreneur. This man who was born into a modest home in Germany is now the founder and CEO of companies with a overall turnover of 100 million euros and he is regarded as a world expert in crypto currencies and blockchain, having developed the first crypto currency to be stable backed by physical gold.

The career of this successful entrepreneur has not always had an upward curve. From his days as an apprentice painter and a vacuum salesman to stumbling blocks he has encountered in his business enterprises, Seiz’s belief in himself, will-power and ability to take positives from every situation have lead to him achieving his current level of success.

How “Think BIG” can help your career

Being an entrepreneur is a career path that many people shy away from. They are wary of the potential risks involved. This is not the best approach. As Seiz says in his book,

“…even though some theories don’t work in practice, progress is only possible when you take some risks”.

It’s true that many good ideas would never have seen the light of day if people had been concerned about expressing them. For instance, we would not have the World Wide Web if Tim Berners-Lee had not taken the risk of developing his ideas.

An idea does not have to be this big to spark an entrepreneurial career. We have all heard the stories of kids selling cool drinks from the front of their home in warm weather. A focus of “Think BIG” is that the most important thing is to have the self confidence to put ideas out there and to be flexible enough to adapt if the reality is not as successful as the theory.

The ethos behind Dr. Seiz’s story can enable you to see that being an entrepreneur is a career that has potential, if you are willing to take risks, learn from them and develop or move on.

In summary

It can be a big step to stand up and decide that you are going to stride out as an entrepreneur, and bring your ideas out into the light. However, the rewards are great, in terms of a sense of achievement and financial returns. In the words of Dr Seiz,

“As a successful entrepreneur, you are in a lucky position that money did not fall into your lap – you earned it yourself – which is much better. Through your actions you created something special for which you are now being rewarded.

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