How to Ensure That Your CV Stands out from the Rest

Published On August 30, 2018 | By Milan Mack | career

Nowadays, getting your CV to the right department is perhaps one of the easiest of tasks, with email making the process as simple as it has ever been. However, once you CV has hit your potential employer’s inbox, it then has to contend and compete with many other CVs all vying for that same one position.

It goes without saying that those CV’s that are bound to be the more successful when being picked up at this stage are the ones whose qualifications, skills and experience match that of the original job description. Yet, for a growing number of employees, there are many other issues which appear on many a candidate’s CV’s which can benefit greatly from being given a little-added work to them beforehand.

Here are a few tips to ensure your CV doesn’t get overlooked:

  • Keep your fonts and graphics to a minimum: A CV is a record of your achievements to date and a statement of what you as an individual can do. It is not an art piece or a fashion statement! Therefore, go easy on the fancy fonts, underlining and coloring.
  • Get Your spelling checked by a professional: So many people pay full attention to the layout of their CV and then fail to get it properly proofread. Don’t rely on your documents word checker, get a couple of other people to correct your CV, preferably reading it aloud.
  • Tailor your CV to match the job description fully: The problem with many a CV is that it will focus solely on your carer and experience to date but not so much to each unique job description you apply for. For example, if you’re applying for an administration role but your CV is more financed based, it won’t have as much an effect. Consider re-wording your CV to match the wording on the description itself.
  • Give some importance to your hobbies and interests: Many people detest filling in this part of their CV and do so with great apprehension, with others missing this section off completely. This is a great mistake as some employers may use this part to whittle down the last few candidates for their position. Therefore, add honest information here but ensure it makes you look good. If you can speak additional languages, even only in conversation, mention that here. Tradewind International has seen a surge in schools becoming foreign language hubs, so the mention of any other type of language other than your mother tongue is a huge bonus here.
  • Consider the references that you add with care: Finally, when placed at the end of your CV, the references you supply can often be given less consideration to when it comes to compiling this document. However, with more companies following up on such additional information, it pays to ensure that you give the best possible referees named on your CV. Consider a person of high standing in the community or industry alongside a great character referee – and make sure they know you’re using their names here!

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