How the Cambridge IGCSE Programme Prepares Kids for University Life

Published On October 18, 2017 | By Milan Mack | Education

 Admit it, there are times when you just feel for your kids as they work hard to keep their grades up. The competition in the world arena has seeped its way into schools, too, which is why even the academic environment has become rigorous. Which is why parents are not just getting involved in their kids’ school life by attending PTA meetings or asking about the teaching methods employed by the school, but also in looking for the best school that can provide the perfect training ground for the primary and secondary years of schooling.

This is where the advantages of the Cambridge programme of international schools come in. It is an international certification exam that will help kids get into any university around the world. For instance, One World International School, one of the best international schools in Singapore, is using the Cambridge IGCSE Programme to support a student’s natural curiosity and further develop their passion for learning. Which means crafting a holistic education framework that develops their skills, not just in the academics, but also in sports and community development.

But let us learn more about what Cambridge IGCSE is and the advantages it offers your kids.

Understanding the Cambridge IGCSE Programme

This programme is developed to support a child’s inquisitive mind by encouraging them to love learning and to create their own ideas. What we want as guardians is for them to grow up to be open minded people, ready to analyse different perspectives from people coming from a diverse background. International schools are already offering our kids a multicultural learning environment, but it is further supported by the goals of the Cambridge IGCSE. It wants to help develop kids who:

  • Are confident with their own ideas but are willing to listen and learn from other people
  • Are respectful of others and are conscious about their actions
  • Are able to create their own learning scheme
  • Are more than prepared to face challenges and solve them through innovation
  • Are socially responsible people who can engage others through sound discourse

Through these goals, our kids will grow up to be global movers who will champion values that will improve the community for the better.

The benefits of the Cambridge certification

The IGCSE can open doors for your kids globally since the certification is recognised by leading universities around the world. It can also help them get into some of the biggest and most respected companies or organisations once they have chosen a career path. Other than the pride of passing a Cambridge exam, the IGCSE certification means that your kids have shown mastery in their school work — an advantage that will help them go from the secondary school learning environment to university life.

Because of this programme, you can be confident that your child is getting the best possible education are more than ready to face the challenges of university school work and in achieving their career dreams.

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