Direct Mail For Educational Marketing: How Universities Can Encourage Students

Published On August 25, 2018 | By Milan Mack | career

Encouraging students to apply for a specific course isn’t the easiest task. This is generation Z – the true online generation, which loves to fetch information in one click. Surprisingly, marketing experts agree that just email marketing and paid ads aren’t enough to appeal to students, and universities do need to consider direct mail services. The idea is to use the advantages of diverse mediums. Conventionally, direct mail has been relevant for clearing. Clearing accounts for over 20% of all students, and therefore, universities need to focus on it. With direct mail, boosting the numbers is easier.

Direct mail is relevant for Generation Z

Contrary to what many may believe, Generation Z is as online as expected. MNI reports pointed out that 61% respondents agreed that the generation could do better by unplugging more, while more than 40% agreed that they active time away from their gadgets. More than 80% also agreed to using print media for getting information. Marketing experts believe that the young minds may have a role to play in reviving print, and even in that context, direct mail is more relevant.

Planning the right strategy

An integrated strategy is of utmost importance in educational marketing. To use direct mail in the mix, it is necessary to know the requirements and understand the stands, keeping previous clearing campaigns in mind. It is also necessary to use techniques that have been successful in the past, and if you are working with a new direct mail house, set a budget to keep things under check. With personalised direct mailing, promoting response goals is easier, especially when things are done in a budget.

Relevance of marketing brochures

There is no denying that marketing brochures have been used traditionally to attract students and it has worked. When you appeal to students to apply for courses, you are expecting them to make a career choice that’s in your favor, and this has to be about trust. With marketing brochures, you are making a personal appeal, and in all likeliness, it would mean generating a response. Brochures can be customized to match requirements, and students can store them to use or contact the university later. Direct mail houses can help in designing marketing brochures using the best print finishing techniques.

Dimensional mail

Dimensional mail is new, but it is known to be one of the best ways of getting response on direct mailing. It appeals to students who are too lazy to get interested in flat mails or same old emails. Yes, Dimensional mail can be expensive, but eventually you get to create something cool that has more value to gen Z and is likely to generate response and ensure better returns.

Benefits of direct mail marketing

The purpose of marketing is to boost a brand, and in case of education marketing, getting a response is the main objective. With direct mail marketing, you can tailor the content as required, and it helps in adding brand value. Also, direct mail has a better response rate, because lesser universities opting for it, so there’s a chance to stand out.

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