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Published On September 29, 2018 | By Milan Mack | News

Nowadays the easiest way to earn online is by opening blogs and make them interesting for many viewers so that they keep on visiting the blog. Starting a blog is a cakewalk, thanks to the developed and improving technology.

Sarbojeet Jana a founder, passionate and determined entrepreneur has joined many investor groups and have created 500 Startup families through which the members of the family have benefited from.

The recent uptick of video abstracts in journals had led to a creation of a new startup in video abstract publishing. Abstract Tube is focused at publishing video abstracts from journal papers. They have thoughts even to allow thesis, dissertation and book abstracts published in video abstract or explainer video formats in their platform. This is a great way to share the key findings of any research project and get more viewership.

A video abstract is nothing but a video that consists of all the message which is to be delivered. Even though a video abstract is powerful than a written one, the video must also be interesting to grab the attention of potential viewers. The video must consist of various components which are intriguing and won’t bore the viewers.

Those components should include a good quality message, good clarity of the video, inclusion of apt music and sometimes even subtitles which are required for those who can’t catch up with the flow. If you check out video blogs like “Flitercopy” or “BuzzFeed,” you will notice that the videos are extremely entertaining and at the same time they are delivering some sort of message to the viewers. Many professional and general viewers view video abstracts, as a video is like a short teaser of the article that comes next which helps the viewers to get an idea about the article before reading the whole thing.

Sometimes, it is the video that influences the viewer’s mind whether or not to watch and read the whole article. Now even the journal publishers have begun to focus on providing a good video for delivering any form of message or information. This can be searched easily through the keywords which play a crucial role in gaining more viewers.

The “golden rule” in creating a video abstract is that it should not exceed 10 minutes and not be less than 5 minutes. This was created to focus on those people who prefer to watch a movie than read a book. Many get irritated to read for more than 5 minutes. Hence the only way to make them know or gain their interest to read the article is through a “short and impactful” video abstract.

Videos are considered to be more effective because they have more power than a written one and it can convey the exact message which the creator wants to deliver.

Hence, do not forget the key points and create interesting content from books, thesis, research papers, and conference papers and make more money by producing interesting video abstracts. If you are a regular annual conference goer, take advantage of uploading your conference poster or even video abstract of the full paper at Abstract Tube.

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