7 signs you need to take a mental health day

Published On March 20, 2018 | By Milan Mack | News

Mental health is an important factor in our lives, yet many of us take it for granted. How we feel can significantly affect our physical well-being and can even increase our vulnerability to serious cardiovascular problems.In today’s fast-paced world, we need to prioritisetaking care of our well-being. Here are 7 signs you may need a mental break:

You have a lot going on in your personal life

When you’re facing challenges in different areas of your life, it can be impossible to go into work and do a good job. If you’re going through something particularly difficult, like a break-up or a family situation and it’s causing you stress or anxiety then it might be time to slow down and take a break to return to order and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

You’re getting sick more frequently

Your physical health and your mental health are tied – so if one is struggling, so too will the other. Things like the flu, infections and even colds are linked to stress and depression which means you need to focus on your mental state first, before you can combat your physical illness.

You feel drained

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re just keeping your head above water and you can’t perform to the best of your ability. Maybe you’re getting overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do, and all your energy is depleted by the end of the working day. Feeling drained is one of the most common feelings that office workers report to feel, and it’s one of the first signs you need to slow down and take a step back.

You feel angry or frustrated over little things

If things that don’t normally bother you are bothering you a lot more frequently, this is a sign that you likely aren’t coping very well. Anger and frustration can cause unnecessary arguments between your partner and family, as well as leading to workplace drama. Take some time off to reassess and cool off if you’re feeling short-tempered.

You’re sleep deprived

Good sleep is essential if you want to achieve optimal health, and if you’re sleep deprived you’re more likely to make poor decisions that will impact more than just one person. It’s up to you to ensure you get enough sleep, so it’s important to make it a priority.

You can’t focus at work

We all have days where we are less productive than we want to be, but if you’re finding that you are struggling to focus even on the simplest of tasks, this could be a sign that you need to put your mental health first.

You’re reaching for alcohol or other drugs

It can be tempting to reach for another glass of wine in the evening, especially if you’re feeling low after a difficult day at work. Alcohol and drug abuse is a common symptom of poor mental health, so be conscious of your drinking habits and avoid using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate.

It’s important to use your mental health day wisely. Try not to lay in bed all day (unless you really need a few hours of decent sleep). Instead, use your time to do things like reconnect with nature, spend time with your kids, do some physical exercise, meditate or do yoga. These are all things that will improve your mental health and make your day off worth it.

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