3 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Accountant

Published On December 6, 2018 | By Milan Mack | Education

It is one thing to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and it’s another progressing up the corporate ladder and managing to achieve a successful career as an accountant. The former can be achieved by regular attendance and keeping your GPA up, which are simple enough.

But to successfully advance as an accountant you need to develop several other skills and characteristics. This article will list some of the characteristics that you should possess while on your path to becoming a successful accountant.

  • Able to Handle Technology Well

In this day and age, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology and whatever was still analog is swiftly changing towards becoming digital. Technology is changing rapidly, and corporations are either trying to replace the current workforce with a more tech savvy one or training the existing staff.

It is more important now than ever to be thoroughly familiar with computers and technology. If you’ve got even MS Excel under your belt, then you have a huge edge over other accountants. If you want to further better your position as an accountant in the digital age, you can possibly learn programming languages that are relevant to your career.

Being proficient in one or more ways in the digital arena can give you a big plus when applying to different positions as an accountant as well as partially reduce the training you receive when you begin a job at a new firm.

  • Team Work

Your ability to step up the ranks in the accounting career is largely dependent upon your communication skills and how well you are able to work in a team. Finance / Accounts isn’t an island unto itself. And you must be able to cultivate professional relationships well.

Being able to communicate effectively is beneficial in improving the quality of your work as well as allows you to avoid unnecessary conflicts and problems.

Moreover, you must be able to be a good leader in projects where you’re entrusted with the responsibility of leadership. Leadership is a skill that is particularly sought by employers as well as rewarded by companies.

  • Be A Life-Long Learner

Apart from being a really good life mantra, it is essential to keep learning even after one graduates from college/university. In a rapidly evolving world, it is crucial to keep up with the latest happenings and developments. You must be in touch with the recent researches and news in your field.

It is important that you keep on improving your skills and knowledge simultaneously while working in a company. One way of doing so is by continuously improving your qualifications through undertaking various courses related to your field.

One such course which has high market value and will be worth the effort is AAT level 2. It is a much popular accounting course in the UK and is especially useful for anyone who is new to accounting and finance. It teaches a lot of different techniques which are useful in a wide variety of different roles such as accounts assistant, bookkeeper, tax assistant etc.

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